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A constructive feedback help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and increases student willingness to perform better in future work (Huisman et al., 2018). Moreover, ability to provide constructive feedback forms a part of a good communication skills package, essential for establishing an effective and trustworthy relationship with clients later in the profession (Elder and McNamara, 2016; Whitcomb, 2000).

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Feedback on this portfolio:

Thank you for your helpful comments on my portfolio! It is much appreciated.

"I love the layout of your portfolio, it is a good balance of being personal but professional, and you relate your personal experiences to your professional experiences well (for example, how from helping your German Shepard, it lead to you learning valuable knowledge from the same clinic). You keep on topic throughout. Your reflections are well written; they gave the reader a clear understanding of how you have improved so far (and also showed your dedication; for example, how you adapted to COVID restrictions and secured a place at your local vets to enhance your knowledge), and how you plan to improve for the future. Your advertisement poster clearly shows your experience and nicely sectioned. I also like the addition of the QR code to allow the customer to go directly to your site. Considering you have the code, maybe you can condense your ad a little more to keep it clear and not too busy? The only critique I have is that your ad needs to be readjusted, as the top and the bottom is cut off. Maybe you can also experiment with some different fonts and colour schemes to keep it clear but also eye-catching? Overall, a great site! Well done."


I have commented on six portfolios. Click on the author's name to view their portfolio.

"I really like the way you structured your e-portfolio, it is easy to follow. There is a nice balance of pictures you have added. It gives the portfolio a very personal feel but it still looks professional as well. I appreciate how you divided you about page into suctions such as volunteering, it is a very interesting read as it says a lot about you as a person and a professional and it is very concise. I would suggest converting your CV to PDF so when someone downloads it, the format will not changes and no changes can be made to the original.
Your PDP, although not finished yet, is nicely interactive, eye catching and honest. Your reflections show that you have done some research to support your thoughts. I like how you included the importance of physical condition of the therapist and that you are aware of it. Make sure your references go at the end of the sentence but before the dot. The other thing I spotted is that there is not your name at the very bottom of your portfolio.
Overall, well done and I am looking forward to the finished portfolio!"


Thank you for making this site better!


Elder, C., McNamara, T. (2016) The hunt for “indigenous criteria” in assessing communication in the physiotherapy workplace. Language Testing. 33(2), 153–174.

Huisman, B., Saab, N., Van Driel, J., Van den Broek, P. (2018) Peer feedback on academic writing: undergraduate students’ peer feedback role, peer feedback percept. . 43(6), 955–968.

Whitcomb, M.E. (2000) Communication and professionalism. Patient Education and Counseling. 41(2), 137–144.

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